Friday, April 4, 2014

The scope and study of Udi local government of Enugu State

          Man in his environment encounters a lot of difficulties such as physical and social factors in the environment. His ultimate goal is to conquer both the physical and social problems of his environment and to achieve this objective, he utilizes available human and material resources. In the course of man acquainting himself with his immediate environment and finding solutions to problems in the environment, physical and social development take place. Development, therefore, arose from the need to find solution to problems of human environment.
          The quest for development made for the Federal government to create the necessary reforms that enable the government at the third tier play her complementary role. The Federal government of Nigeria, through the 1976 Local Government Reforms, explained local government as follows:
          “Local Government is Government at local level exercised through representation councils established by law to exercise specific power within defined areas” (Government print: 1976)

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