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The implication off culture universal to education has to start with the meaning of culture, which is person or persons ways of life. It may also be a community ways of eating, dressing or farming.
Culture work with the help of education which in the sense that culture is transmitted from one generation to another through the help of education. For example in north part of Nigeria, where the farmers rear animals like cow each generation that come by the culture is transfer from one generation to other through the help of education in which the older one teach the younger ones how to rear animal.
Trying to relate the culture and education, in aspect now am talking about formal education system which I have to ask a question does education effect culture?
Education as one may say mean transfer of knowledge from one person to another. Taking a case study in the North part of Nigeria formal education is not widely spread as in the 1970s due to the believe and culture guide them on how to rear the cattle. But even when the animal are sick they to apply the herbs or traditional method which was taught them by there fore fathers.
In 1990s they found out that those herbs are not always active. And so the decided to sight the help of veterinary doctors which mostly are from other part of the country or even foreigners. So some of the farmers decide to send their children to school to acquire skills and knowledge. On acquiring skills and knowledge the orientation of formal education and home education are not the same thing for example they are made to learn how to read and write and to understand the language which is not their mother tongue and changes their where of dress and their ways of thinking in which affect the culture and in some case the individual sometimes in search of knowledge may forget his or her mother tongue .
Culture specialities have do with the skilled trades and profession through which individual or entire community members can earn their living. For example some of Abia state some of the part like Aba which specializes in trading while some specialize in weaving of basket to earn their living.
Specialties is link with education, what do I mean; special education is education for the gift or talent person, so this is where specialities comes in to help the individual or group of community develop their skill on the talent which they poses. Through culture; education is implies to help their talent to be productive and it let to offer opportunities for economic advancement and social mobility for the individual.
This days ministry of education, ministry of youth and sports and also ministry of commerce work hand-in-hand to provide opportunity in which how fathers have ignored due to ignorance and its importance to economic development.
These group of people undergo discipline other than the ordinary members of society and they are very small in number that share this class of culture they include the priest, artist, painters. This group command respect in the community and they help in the development the community.
The implication culture alternatives to education are that any society that is interest in its survival must be mindful of its system.
In summary my suggestion to these exceptionally brilliant individuals should be trained well to acquire reputable position in this government of this country.

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